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Marketing Mistake #2 - Worrying about the competition

marketing Mar 16, 2021

The world of business is a busy one.  With so many businesses of all shapes and sizes doing their thing, we can easily fall into the trap of worrying about the competition.

I often hear concerns along the lines of "there are so many other, often more experienced/established, businesses out there doing the same thing, why would anyone choose to work with me?".

This can also be accompanied by concerns around "what if somebody copies me or steals my ideas or content?"

Let's think about coffee shops...

If you've ever visited London, you'll know there is literally a coffee shop on every street corner.  In fact, in most shopping areas of London every third or fourth shop is a coffee shop!

We could wonder how they all survive.  After all, coffee is just coffee, right?  They all have access to the same coffee beans and supplies of milk.  So how can so many coffee shops all offering the same thing, survive - let alone thrive - on the same highstreet?


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Marketing Mistake #1 - Not having the right ingredients in the kitchen

marketing Mar 10, 2021

I see so many business owners struggling with marketing and knowing how to get paying clients, and I'm passionate about changing that - helping female entrepreneurs nail what I call Authentic Marketing in way that will have clients seeking them out.

In this blog series, I cover the 14 biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to marketing and what they can do to avoid them.

So, here's marketing mistake #1...

#1 - Not having the right ingredients in the kitchen
Imagine for a moment that brilliant Marketing, is like baking a scrumptious cake that's irresistable to your ideal clients.  There are people out there craving your unique cake that's going to satisfy their hunger and once they've had a taste, they'll want to keep coming back for more.

So you're in the kitchen, ready to get baking.

You've got your personnalised recipe that, step by step, is going to create your scrumptious cake.

You've got the tools and equipment you need to make it happen.

But before you can get...

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What is Authentic Marketing?

marketing Feb 12, 2021

In this week's blog, discover the essentials of Authentic Marketing - what it is, why it's important for you and your business and how strong authentic marketing foundations will have clients seeking you out.

The Struggle

Marketing and the ability to get clients is the bit I see women in business struggling with the most - even those who are amazing at what they do or have a fantastic product still struggle.

Marketing can definitely become the ‘black hole’ in your business - an area that sucks up all your time, energy and the will to carry on. It can seem overwhelming, never-ending and often very unfair when we simply don’t seem to be able to get the clients regardless of how good we are or how hard we try to find them.

In the business world, I ‘grew up’ in marketing - it was my favourite specialism in my business degree, it’s where my career began, and I was an approved advisor on the Government’s Growth Voucher scheme advising small...

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