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#mumsmakeithappen by Jude Hill

interviews Apr 11, 2017

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

My Business journey started nearly 20 years ago, I was working for BT and was on maternity leave with my second son, working as a Marketing Manager; my post was made redundant so I took redundancy and started my driving school Business with the funds, this worked well initially I was able to work flexibly take time off for long weekends and nativity plays etc..  I did have dreams of recruiting other driving instructors to do the teaching element & I was going to focus on the marketing & finding clients, but I never found the time to teach, build the business and look after 2 small children.

2.  What changed within you when you had children?

  Rolling on some years and many life experiences later including injuring my back in a severe car accident in 2009 and the break up of my marriage in 2011, I was winding down the Driving school business and moved across...

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#mumsmakeithappen by Emily Thorpe

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2017

1.   Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

I had been an Air Traffic Controller for 23 years before I made the leap into being a mumpreneur, although I had been building my coaching business on the side for the last 4 years that I was employed. I think it’s important to emphasise it’s NEVER TOO LATE to start doing what you love. I remember hearing that Louise Hay started Hay House Publishing, now the largest publishing house of self-development books and audios, when she was 61! Age is not an obstacle to success.

 2.   What changed within you when you had children?

Two things related to becoming an entrepreneur; Firstly having a baby is life changing, as we all know, but it makes you stop and look at life (your life) in a new way. You also have time on maternity leave when you are away from work, which gives you the breathing space to assess if you’re on the right path.


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#mumsmakeithappen by Lucy Griffin-Stiff

interviews Apr 08, 2017

1.       Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

Before I set up Leading Conversations and Starting Conversations (my two businesses) I was consulting in the city. I’ve spent the best part of two decades helping big businesses achieve their goals using the power of communication, employee engagement and cultural change.

 2.       What changed within you when you had children?

I think your whole mindset changes once you become a Mum. You have to put your child’s needs first, you can’t help it. You gain a new perspective on what’s important, and what you have to prioritise.

When I was pregnant with Elsie, I was spending almost 5 hours a day commuting to Canary Wharf and back! I had a really good job, a six figure salary, but I knew I couldn’t go back to doing the same. Not if I wanted to be around for my daughter.

If I went back to...

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#mumsmakeithappen by Lynne Geary

interviews Apr 08, 2017

1.       Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

 Before I had children I was a local government accountant and had progressed well in my career to Accountancy Manager and had my sights on Head of Finance at some point. Then a lot of changes started to occur within local government and accountancy in general and I started to enjoy the job less. This coincided with me having my two children quite close together. My return to work after by youngest was a disaster. I returned to find my maternity cover was remaining and there effectively was no job for me. I was bored, unchallenged and paying a fortune for childcare while I sat and largely did nothing all day. So I quite.

 2.       What changed within you when you had children?

 My priorities definitely changed. Spending time with them and seeing them grow became so much more important than a high...

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#mumsmakeithappen by Soma Ghosh

interviews Apr 08, 2017

1.       Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

 I worked as professional careers adviser and my work background mainly consisted of working within the education sector in schools and further education colleges. I have also worked in colleges as a learning mentor and attendance adviser.

 2.       What changed within you when you had children?

 I don’t currently have children at present but I do hope to be a mum one day and have been married since 2013.

 3.       What inspired your business idea?

My business idea was inspired by me going through redundancy. When I was made, redundant I was transferred over to a new role in the same company. It was a time where I was unsure about who I really was and was constantly questioning what I should be doing. After leaving this job because of an interest of...

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#mumsmakeithappen by - Yvette Ankrah

interviews Apr 08, 2017

1.  Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

 I have worked in marketing and business development for over 20 years. I trained as a journalist before moving into public relations and then worked in marketing and business development across the arts, voluntary sector and education sectors. I trained in coaching and mentoring whilst in employment. I found I was using coaching and mentoring skills with colleagues and also with marketing consultancy clients and decided to focus more on that area.

 2.       What changed within you when you had children?

I no longer wanted to do a long commute into London from Essex and this business started because I became a mother.

 3.       What inspired your business idea?

I switched from working with organisations to women in business because of the women I was meeting at mother and baby groups!  I met...

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#mumsmakeithappen by Louise Cartwright-Orr

interviews Apr 08, 2017

1.       Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

 I wouldn’t say that I had a career before working for myself – I became a holistic therapist some 20 years ago and have continued my studying journey ever since – qualifiying in several therapies, I went back to college when I was a single mum and then started at Uni studying to become a midwife but that didn’t work out because my kids were too small. I went on to work part time in an office and studied my personal training and fitness qualifications along with nutrition and then most recently my NLP and Time Line Therapy Cert. 

2.       What changed within you when you had children?

Having my children was not a happy time for me. I remember thinking that I was 26 with 2 kids, no prospects, an unhappy marriage and “was this it”. I suffered with severe PND and I...

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A letter to ALL Mums

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2017

Dear Mum,

I need to start by telling you how amazing you are - yes you!

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a career-committed mum, or a mum in business…it makes no difference in my eyes.

As mums we come in all different shapes and sizes, from different walks of life, of different nationalities, with different beliefs, faiths, ethnic origins and views of the world.

We are all on different journeys and choose to walk different paths often to the beat of a different drum.

And thank goodness we are all so different - wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were all made from the same batch of dough and looked like identical cookie-cutter gingerbread-mums!

I know you’re different to me in so many ways, and I’m happy about that. Our differences should be celebrated, that’s what makes the world a rich and wonderful place to live.

We do however all have one thing, one very important thing, in common. We all want the best for our children, and...

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Letter to a Mum in Business who feels INVISIBLE

inspiration Feb 01, 2017

Dear Mum in business,

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling invisible. I want to reassure you - you’re not alone! We all go through that visibility pain barrier at some point.

I believe that everyone, including you, deserves to feel seen, heard and understood, especially by the people they care about. Now, we might not have any worries at all when it comes to being seen and heard by our loved ones or meeting new people and making friends in our personal life, but it can be a totally different kettle of fish when it comes to business.

“Visibility” might not be a word you’ve often heard or used before you became a mum in business, but now suddenly you’re hearing it all the time. It seems that all the experts are talking about it and everyone on every street corner is offering a 7-step solution to make it happen for you.

I can imagine you might be feeling a bit anxious, overwhelmed or perhaps down right terrified. Are you wishing you could just keep...

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What does it mean to be empowered?

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2016

Quite often I see the question being asked about what it really means to be empowered.

I asked my own community a while back, after all my whole personal mission and the Mpower brand is about empowering mums in's so much more than just being 'powerful' or 'successful'!

I got a whole range of wonderful answers, so here's a selection of what came back from the Mpower community, and I'll also share my own personal definition of an empowered woman based on the empowered women I am blessed to be surrounded by...

For me 'empower' means I have the confidence and clarity to claim the life I choose to live on my own terms ~ Rayah

I feel empowered when I am in my "groove". Everything is free flowing and easy! What does this give me? Peace, happiness, makes my family and personal relationships easier. I feel more excited about my work and then I am able to offer a better quality service. Ultimately, I think it might be a feeling of achievement and the glow I get from that, in any...

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