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*posiripple people helping to make a difference


Launched in October 2017, our Hall of Fame below lists the amazing people and companies who are already helping us to make a difference in the world...

Our headline sponsors

Our Award Sponsors

Our book donators...

In addition to the hundreds of people who have already contributed by purchasing a copy of The Invisible Revolution, the following individuals and companies have donated one or more copies of The Invisible Revolution to single mums who are starting their own business, via Gingerbread's UK startup programme

Sarah Phillipson

Jude Hill

Annalivia Bell

Sitwad Asad

Prue Armstrong

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Sabreen Qureshi-Hitchens

Vicki Raven

Tracey Wall

Annelise Pesa

Caroline Ferguson

Nicky Chisholm

Sara Guiel

Kye Huelin

Emily Thorpe

Our Playbook sponsors

The following people have donated money to our three chosen causes, by investing in a Revolution Playbook...

Karen Shaw

Celine Gilart

Platinum Sponsor

Emily Taylor

Louise Wiles

Platinum Sponsor

Sash Kveder

Julie Jebson

Platinum Sponsor

Cathlyn Crawley

Maxine Ballard

Vicki Raven

Rebecca Picketts

Sandra Fernandez Conde

Sian Stowell

Rachel Francis

Platinum Sponsor

Olivia Dawson

Emma Sinnett

Sarah Green

Gemma Cockrell

Sarah Banham

Jodie Frietas

Mandy Rees

Platinum Sponsor

Amy Yiannakou

Platinum Sponsor

Claire Husselbee

Jeanna Short

Sara Hatta

Platinum Sponsor

Linda Farnden

R. Hughes

Get involved & make a difference

There are three simple ways to support and become a sponsor of the Revolution...

Buy the book

10% of author proceeds are automatically shared beween our three chosen causes


Get the Playbook

Make a donation of your choice when you invest in your kickstart resources


Mpower Goodies

All proceeds from our Mpower Goodie Store go to our three charities


Get an award

Take part in our national business awards that recognise what it takes to ‘make it’ as a Mum in business

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